The Credentialing Center is a full-service credentialing and recredentialing solution. We'll handle all paperwork, submission and follow up to help you get on your preferred insurance panels. Get credentialed with the right payers through the Credentialing Center.

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How does this work?

It's simple. You sign up > complete the 'credentialing intake form' > we review and make recommendations about payers you should work with > you decide who you want to work with > we retrieve, complete & submit all paperwork in 3 business days > we follow up at regular intervals on your behalf until you are credentialed. You view our progress using our proprietary, HIPAA compliant communication system. Get regular updates. Send and receive documents. Review a history of our emails / phone calls with payers. Stay in the loop.

What is the cost?

The fee for credentialing is $999 per payer per provider, with a minimum of 5 payers that must be credentialed. Volume discounts are available for multiple payers and multiple providers. For additional information, schedule a call with us and get a quote within 3 minutes of our call. Let's discuss your options.

Can you help me decide which insurances to accept?

Yes. We can recommend payers based on your location, and your practice goals. Put our 20+ years of payer credentialing experience to work for you. We have credentialed thousands of providers across the United States, and no matter your specialty or location. Let us help you get credentialed with the right payers.

What is your experience credentialing in my field?

We have credentialed physical therapists, speech therapists, behavioural health specialists, chiropractors and more to name just a few.

Can you guarantee I will get into closed panels?

No one can guarantee such a thing. If you are fully licensed and provide us with all the paperwork, we can maximize the odds of getting you into all preferred panels. When a panel is selective or closed, we will notify you ahead of time, and file an appeal on your behalf to help you get accepted. We will help you put your best foot forward, and position your credentials in a way that maximizes the odds of getting accepted into the panel because we know what works, and what doesn't.

How long will it take?

Once we submit all the paperwork, it can take 90 to 120 days for the insurance panel to approve the credentialing. We follow up with insurance companies at regular intervals to expedite your application as much as possible.

Do you help with CAQH?

Yes. CAQH is the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. It's essentially a 'syndicate' formed by insurance companies to standardize information. The CAQH data must be updated before the credentialing paperwork is submitted to insurance companies. If you need help setting up / updated CAQH, we can do so as an add-on service for a flat fee.

Can I do all this myself or have my staff do it?

Unless you are an expert at credentialing, time and expertise are not on your side. The Credentialing Center employs full-time credentialing specialists who know what paperwork to fill out, how to format the information, submit it and follow up to maximize the odds of credentialing with designated payers in a timely manner. If you do it yourself and make a single mistake or miss a single deadline, you may have to start all over again. Some of the applications are 80+ pages and submission is just step one. Follow up is the real work behind successful credentialing. Sometimes, insurance companies make a mistake and paperwork is lost in transit. At the Credentialing Center, we keep a copy of everything we submit and follow up to make sure the insurance company has everything they need to complete your approval. In short, leave it to the professionals.

Accept all Insurance, See More Patients

Our proprietary 3-step system fast-tracks you to become in-network with your preferred insurance companies.

Dedicated Credentialing Specialist

We retrieve, complete your application, format it to match the payer guidelines, submit, follow up until you have contracts ready to sign!

Credentialing Specialist

Get in 'Closed Panels', (Others are Locked Out)

We have 'cracked the code' even when payers say their panel is closed. We maximize the odds of your acceptance by positioning you in the best way.

Closed Panels

No Setup Fee, Pay Per Provider, Per Panel

Choose number of providers and panels, pay a flat fee, complete our credentialing intake form. Leave the rest to us.

No Setup Fee

Submission > Approval > Contracting

We do all the paperwork. We handle NPI, CAQH, and submit appeals if needed. We will stand by you all the way through contracting.


Selecting Payers with Maximum Payouts

No other credentialing company does this - we not only help you get contracted, we help you get in-network with the payers that pay you the most.

Maximum Payouts

Complete Transparency from start to finish.

We're meticulous and document everything as we follow up and navigate any roadblocks. View your progress using our proprietary, HIPAA compliant communication system. Get regular updates. Send and receive documents. Review all our emails / phone calls with payers.

Complete Transparency
Schedule a Call

Schedule a Call to get a quote inside 3 minutes.

You'll get a quote within 3 minutes of our call. These 3 minutes will save you a lot of time and money. We know who pays the most, and who is closed / restricted and how you can get in. Let's discuss your options.

Eliminate the Complexity of insurance credentialing.

This is a tedious, time consuming process. Many factors such as licensure, proof of education, references and payer policies affect the duration and outcome. Don't deal with these headaches on your own. Put our 20+ years of payer credentialing experience to work for you.

Eliminate the Complexity
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One New Patient can pay for our services.

Get found by patients looking for in-network providers. A single patient can help you to cover the cost of credentialing for that payer.

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